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On most web browsers you can activate a key shortcut by holding down the Alt key and pressing the key code (hold down the Ctrl key on a Mac). You may need to hold down the Shift key in addition.

C Continue to followup page
G Go back to the top of the page
I Admin Zone (staff only)
J Previous
K Another/Next
L Log in/Log out
M Activate the management menu (staff only)
N Activate bookmarks menu
O Open Commandr (staff only)
P Preview
Q Activate edit link (staff only)
R Rate
S Skip navigation
U Submit form
W Switch user (staff only)
X Go to the main posting area of a posting form
Y Go to advanced screen
Z Select the zone list
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2 News archive
3 Site map
4 Search
5 Staff page
6 Help
7 Rules
8 View the website privacy policy
9 Feedback form
0 Keyboard map
- Webmaster chat (staff only)